Glow In The Dark Dress from Special Silkworms Will Never Turn Off

A new attractive option for Avant Garde, futuristic looks. One of the most traditional silkworm factories has long suffered diminishing demands and the industry. Diminishing silk industry is not just unique to this town in the suburb of Japan, but seen across industrialized countries due to more cost effective production becoming available in the developing countries. The world’s savior could be this new invention “glow in the dark silk fiber” by the same Japanese factory. Genetically modified silkworms have the same DNA elements found in jelly fish and their body glow as they are placed in a dark place.

glow in the dark silk and silkworms

The product of these glow in the dark silkworms is “Glow In The Dark Silk”, which can be made into this literally glowing garment! and this time, you won’t be disappointed the next morning. Its gleaming mysterious glow is nothing that I have ever seen. It is more consistent than those LED woven fabrics and therefore, more powerful, yet natural.

glow in the dark silk and silkworms




Mr. Sakai Masamitsu

Tomioka Seishijō, Tomioka-City, Gunma Province.

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